45th President of the United States

In this modern Post-factual age
Every newspaper, every page,
Is covered with the promises made
And broken
By the showman.
Bucking tradition of the Big Top Tent,
He forwent the Top Hat,
Favouring instead the inflammatory Red
Of the mop on top of his head,
A potent mix of fact and fallacy.
The definition of Democracy:
A State governed by the majority.
Or 46.5% apparently. 

"Friends, Romans, Countrymen,
(Of specific race and creed)
Lend me your ears, indeed...
I am one of you; I understand your need,
Yes I am full of dollars and greed,
But I share your thoughts, your deepest feelings,
I understand your want to keep glass ceilings,
Your casual racism, Your need to build walls
Your need for more malls,
Your chauvinistic, 
materialistic minds.
Your preference for reality TV,
Your preference for ME! 
You voted, you chose this, Q.E.D!
Let me tell you something about,
How lucky it is for you that I'm rich,
That nasty woman, Hilary, what a..” 
Way to win an election;
Just rhetoric and mis-direction.

The first 100 days in Office,
For the veteran novice,
Still wet behind the ears,
Young in wisdom, not in years.
The star spangled slogan,
Is vacuously re-spoken,
Repeated and re-tweeted,
A punchy add-on token.

Let’s Make America Great Again.

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